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How It Works

Design your own group experience around this basic schedule:


Workshop/Masterclasses and Concerts are always on Sundays.

1-3:30pm. Music workshop or Masterclass tuned to your requirements, led by our highly qualified instructors. Bring your instruments.

Break, during which you go eat. Or bring a picnic.

6pm. Preconcert instructional talk.

6:30-8pm. Attend a concert either with the OC Symphony, the OC Wind Symphony, or the OC Pops Ensemble.

Tailored to your needs, you could do all of the above; or just the Class, or the Talk with Concert.

Our very affordable rates depend on group size.



How To Get Started

Check your dates against our concert calendar.


Contact us here and tell us what might suit you best.


We'll call you back to you to discuss details.



April 17, 2015


Dear Ms. Rose:


On behalf of the Abbotsford Christian School Concert Band and Jazz Band, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the warm welcome you extended to us during our recent band tour to Anaheim. In addition to enjoying a high quality classical music experience, our students were surprised and delighted to see an acknowledgement of their attendance printed in the concert program.


Thank you also for arranging the clinic for our concert band with Mr. Bill Schroeder. It was a great privilege for our students to experience such exceptional instruction from a highly qualified and experienced musical director.


Thank you once again for extending such a warm welcome to our students, and for all your efforts to help make our band tour this year such an educational and enjoyable event. We wish you all the best as you continue to enhance your community through quality musical education and entertainment.




Bill Workman, Director of Music

Abbotsford Christian School


The Orange County Symphonies comprise three ensembles:


OC Symphony, the official Resident Symphony Orchestra of Anaheim, directed by Maestra Aline Sardão

OC Wind Symphony, directed by Dr. Anthony Mazzaferro

OC Pops Ensemble, directed by Ms. Pollyanna Gorman

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